I’m Katie

My friends call me Katiebird, or just Bird, and I’ve always loved to bake.  I created Katiebird Bakes with aspiring home bakers in mind: here you will find sophisticated yet approachable recipes that anyone can bake.

I started creating and posting recipes in 2016 out of my own need for elegant dessert recipes that required very few steps, ingredients, and prep time. As a full time lawyer baking for two (myself and my husband Brian) in a small Chicago kitchen, I’ve specialized in developing streamlined recipes with smaller yields that don’t compromise on flavor or texture. My recipes are always from scratch but I do my best not to make them complicated or intimidating.

My goal is to create recipes you will actually bake!

Profile photo of Katie holding a piece of chocolate cake
Katie in her kitchen cutting brownies

If you can read, you can bake.

Many people have told me they “can’t bake,” but I think what they really mean is they haven’t encountered a recipe that will both educate them and provide a consistent result every time. Too many baking recipes have complex ingredients or processes and don’t explain the reasoning behind them. A good recipe, however, will give you the tools to understand why a method or ingredient is being used, and how to make the recipe your own the next time.

I always strive to achieve this with my recipes, but I take it a step further too: I want my recipes to be so streamlined and reliable that you’ll make them over and over again, so many times that they become “your” recipe. This often means long delays in new recipes (sorry!) because I test them extensively before publishing. The last thing I want to do is waste your time and ingredients on a recipe that doesn’t turn out as you hoped.

Many of my recipes can be made in one bowl without a mixer. I specialize in single layer cakes, easy cookie recipes, and small batch recipes. My goal since day one has been to convince everyone that if you can read, you can bake!


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To get in touch with me, please feel free to email katie (at) katiebirdbakes (dot) com.  I’m always looking for new opportunities to work together with brands or fellow bloggers, and my media kit is available upon request.

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